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a tower



Towers are found throughout the world. Similar to dungeons there are different rooms with mob spawners. Each tower has a number of floors and the top room always has treasure in. Towers are found in multiple colours including blue, light blue, yellow, red and purple. Colours can also change depending on the different biomes that they are found in. Unlike the dungeons, towers are leveled depending on the level of the area you are in. As of patch 0.5, taller towers have been added to appear on occasion, with several more levels to conquer on your climb to the top, as well as better treasure once you reach the top room.

The Rooms

There are multiple rooms in the towers. Each has a random spawner and a different design. There are sometimes lava/water blocks on the floors. Currently, a bug exists where a tower which has generated on uneven terrain will have the entry hole facing away from the block which the world generator selected as the 'first floor level.' This can mean doorways that require pillaring or staircases to reach, or less commonly, buried entrances.

The top floor always contains a red carpet to the end chest, making it a profitable and sometimes dangerous source of wool.

generic room

Defeating Towers

There are many ways to defeat these towers.

chest room

The Mage Rush: The mage rush requires the person to blink from room to the other side and climb the ladder all the way up to the top. This Is useful when fighting towers way beyond your level as this will allow you to get 10x's the items you have. But when this comes with the going down, it is rather hard as more mobs have spawned. You must carefully blink down the tower without getting swarmed by the evil monsters.

An example of how a tower can "warp" when it spawns; notice the chest with white wool underneath of it instead of red.

The Midway Ladder: The midway ladder is where you rush to the midway of a ladder. As most mobs have very little range you can stay up there and shoot them with your wand/bow. After you manage to kill all of the mobs in that room you can rush back down and destroy the spawners. Then you can get on the ladder and stay half-way using your bow/wand, attempt to climb yourself up and down the ladder getting hits.(Using the Lighting Spell can be a very useful tool, but be warned that you can lose your items due to the lighting) Another Tip whilst doing this is to use the S key to climb up ladders. This is so you can face the mobs and easily go up and down.

All Balls: All Balls is where you get a diamond pickaxe and rush like a mad dog destroying all the spawners you can. This is best Done with warrior or a mage as mages can blink to dodge any attacks and warriors are quick enough to not get killed.

Fortress: Warriors or Rangers/Mages that are playing their class wrong can vastly increase their fortitude and simply walk in. They then use whatever weapon they want (I've done it even with my fist) to destroy mobs, then grab a pickaxe and stand on top of the spawners, using gust or whirlwind to keep mobs at bay while the spawner is destroyed.

All the above methods are outdated and because of the updates to the game, clearing towers has become a lot easier. This is due to the introduction of the ability tree which also you to put extra points into your abilities, either making them do more damage or shoot additional projectiles. This means that you no longer have to rely on your stats for damage and makes clearing mobs a lot easier. Therefore, if you just pick an aoe spell and spam points into that you should have no trouble clearing by just using that one ability.

Easy Exp Farming

There Is a way for all classes to use their abilities to get massive levels in a quick time.

All the mage/archer has to do is wait for a lot of mobs to spawn, then they can use their lighting abilities which can do a massive attack. The Warrior can spam their Whirlwind ability as well. Using this ability a few times will usually clear most mobs around your level.

Doing this however does destroy any items that drop. Some of the items might have just been that better wand/bow/armor you needed.

Another method for farming involves setting up a short barrier between a ladder, and multiple slime spawners. If one places half blocks in the right positions, it is possible to shoot charged bolt spells, arrows, or other projectiles through, dealing damage without destroying drops, or taking any hits.

This method is quite difficult to set up, but is very rewarding, because it takes very little time to make many kills, and score tons of loot. Warriors can simply block off the mobs at a doorway and use whirlwind to attack them through the door.

File:2012-05-01 20.49.46.png
this is a tower with a chunk of dirt in it the black hole is the door.
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