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Hack/Mine is a total conversion mod for Minecraft which introduces a massive number of action-RPG gameplay elements. It includes procedurally generated content, such as sprawling dungeons and magical items, four selectable races, a completely customizable class and spell system via Spellscript (an object-oriented scripting language), and much, much more. It was actively developed by Frizzil and featured in the Technic Launcher from 2012 until 2014. Over this period, the mod garnered over 5.3 million downloads and 12 million combined views on YouTube. However, the mod is no longer being actively developed and is pending a tentative open source release.


Report bugs with the Development version here!

A list of all Hack/Mine versions is provided on the patches page.

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Wiki Community

If you've got time, be a part of the community! Take a moment to neaten up and professionalize existing articles, update the bugs list, upload images of the mod, or even just hang around the discussion pages (discussion links are on the top left of each page). Maintaining the wiki means that Frizzil doesn't have to, which allows him to devote more time to creating the mod.




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