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Mage with skills displayed


The magic-wielding Class in Hack/Mine. Specializes in spells and wands, starting with a Wand of Firebolt. Mages are powerful magic wielders. Cackling maniacally as they teleport and douse their enemies with fire and lightning is not unheard of.


Mana Cooldown Description
Blink 10 1 Teleports the caster up to 16 blocks, randomized past 8 blocks.
Firebolt 2+Int*.2 .5 Launches a ball of fire from the caster's hands!
Charged Bolt 3+Int*.3 .5 Launches multiple lightning projectiles, increasing in number as Intelligence is stacked.
Lightning 20 2 Strikes the target with lightning from the sky! Also sets mobs that are close to the impact on fire.
Gale 15 5 Knocks all nearby targets a good distance back (useful in sticky situations.) Fus Ro Dah!
File:Mage Skill - Gale
Mage using gale skill
File:Mage Skill - Blink
Mage using blink skill
File:Mage Skill - Fireball
Mage using fireball skill
File:Mage Skill - Multishot Skill
Mage using multishot skill

There's only like ONE way of building mages. Stack Intelligence like there's no tomorrow, while putting a few points into Wisdom when you're running out of mana too quickly until you find a wand that regains mana.

For abilities, the obvious choice would be to spec into the flame breath ability. With a mana steal wand, you would be pretty much unstoppable and the fact flame breath has passive knockback really helps. However, you might have a bit of trouble with skeletons as you're required to run up to then first as the range of flame breath is too short.

Another option that might be interesting would be going a charged bolts build, because every point put into charged bolts adds an extra projectile. This could serve for more burst at close range and allow you to hit things from afar as well. Another thing is that, because charged bolts is available from level 2, you can get a lot more points into it, unlike flame breath which can only be unlocked at a higher level.

Lightning is an aoe ability and deals very good damage. However it is not a viable ability because it can hit yourself and it destroys items and exp.

You should have a point in mage cannon and a point in the prerequisite ability for flame breath if you are running flame breath.

Item List (Wands)

Wand - 1-3 OR 3-5 Damage

Yew Wand - 4-7 OR 6-9 Damage

Bone Wand - 7-11 OR 9-13 Damage

Burnt Wand - 10-15 OR 12-17 Damage

Great Wand - 13-19 OR 15-21 Damage

Arch-Wand - 16-23 OR 18-25 Damage

(Holy Bolt, Ball Lightning, Fire Bolt, Cursed Bolt, Ice Bolt, and Noxious Fumes)

Note that all wands have a standard version and a slightly upgraded version, the latter having both minimum and maximum damage increased by 2.

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