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Mage with skills displayed


[edit] Overview

The magic-wielding Class in Hack/Mine. Specializes in spells and wands, starting with a Wand of Firebolt. Mages are powerful magic wielders. Cackling maniacally as they teleport and douse their enemies with fire and lightning is not unheard of.

[edit] Abilities

Mana Cooldown Description
Blink 10 1 Teleports the caster up to 16 blocks, randomized past 8 blocks.
Firebolt 2+Int*.2 .5 Launches a ball of fire from the caster's hands!
Charged Bolt 3+Int*.3 .5 Launches multiple lightning projectiles, increasing in number as Intelligence is stacked.
Lightning 20 2 Strikes the target with lightning from the sky! Also sets mobs that are close to the impact on fire.
Gale 15 5 Knocks all nearby targets a good distance back (useful in sticky situations.) Fus Ro Dah!
File:Mage Skill - Gale
Mage using gale skill
File:Mage Skill - Blink
Mage using blink skill
File:Mage Skill - Fireball
Mage using fireball skill
File:Mage Skill - Multishot Skill
Mage using multishot skill

[edit] Strategy

Here are some early but tried and true ways to play the mage:

  1. Damage - stack Intelligence with just enough Wisdom in order to deal the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time
  2. Utility - focus more heavily on Wisdom so you can spam your spells (lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt!!!!)
  3. Melee - instead of using wands, grab a sword and invest in Strength, Fortitude, Intelligence, and Wisdom, using your sword to attack on a normal basis then spamming your spells for a little bonus. The points you place in intelligence will increase the damage done by bonus elemental damage on weapons, making weapons with this type of enchantment favorable for this build.
  4. Another option is to stack Intelligence and Dexterity to get high damage, attack speed, and crit chance (with the added bonus of defense too!). You can then get a wand with +damage in a secondary elemental type to avoid resists. The wisdom you get from gear should be enough for AoE spells when things go bad.
  5. Find a mana-leech weapon (any will do) and grind dungeons spamming your lightning spell. At higher levels (10+) you can spam your charged bolt with more efficiency. Pump pure intelligence. No points in any other stats, the lightning damage you deal will keep your mana permanently full. This also works vice versa with a lifesteal weapon, rendering you nigh invincible all the way into level 70+ areas.

Actually, there's only like ONE way of building mages. Stack Intelligence like there's no tomorrow, while putting a few points into Wisdom when you're running out of mana too quickly until you find a wand that regains mana.

Of course, there are other ways to build mages. These are only the basics of the Mage plus some ideas.

[edit] Item List (Wands)

Wand - 1-3 OR 3-5 Damage

Yew Wand - 4-7 OR 6-9 Damage

Bone Wand - 7-11 OR 9-13 Damage

Burnt Wand - 10-15 OR 12-17 Damage

Great Wand - 13-19 OR 15-21 Damage

Arch-Wand - 16-23 OR 18-25 Damage

(Holy Bolt, Ball Lightning, Fire Bolt, Cursed Bolt, Ice Bolt, and Noxious Fumes)

Note that all wands have a standard version and a slightly upgraded version, the latter having both minimum and maximum damage increased by 2.

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