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Use Templates!

Using templates where appropriate can make a dramatic impact on readability. Templates are basically voodoo magic summoned with:


Tables are good for general organization. Notes and Warnings are good for, well, making inline notes and warnings. Mboxes, ColorBoxes, and ColoredNoticeBoxes can be placed at the top of pages and sections to give spoiler warnings, indicate dated content or quality concerns, etc. The full list of templates and some details on how to make new ones can be found here. All Wikimedia templates are free for everyone to use, so "borrowing" templates from other Wikimedia wikis is perfectly legal and encouraged.

Some Guidelines

Try to be succinct and clear when writing articles. It's ok (if not encouraged) to have a little fun and make jokes here and there, but always remember people are reading the wiki to get information. If you think something in the mod isn't well understood, feel free to experiment with it and report your findings on the wiki-- this is the best way to obtain information and is encouraged. Foul language is acceptable if made in good taste (iow no stereotypical internet bigotry). The main thing is, be respectful of others, make the articles informational and entertaining where possible, and make the community a fun place to be.

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