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Bug Reporting

Please post any bugs you've discovered on this page!

  • Include any details you can
  • Be succinct and clear
  • Post images if they're relevant
  • Link error messages using pastebin
  • Repost errors
  • Post game crashers without an error message!
  • Post an error message without using pastebin

Failure to comply with the above will result in errors not getting fixed! Frizzil and pre-release testers will move errors that have been addressed for the coming patch to the "Resolved" section.

Known Bugs (v0.6 DEV)

  • (I'm not sure if this is an Bug or not) If a ranger his bow charging only briefly he does just as much damage as a fully charged attack
  • If you shoot an explosive shot on a dirt block explode hard as stone blocks too. But you're shooting on a stone block, only the stone block destroyed and the dirt blocks remain whole and if you shoot Obsidian everything remains quite too.
  • Players can be poisoned with wands even if PVP is off, also,on SMP, poison will drain health without changing the health bar to green.
  • Dire Chickens, Giant Rats, and Scorpions will attempt to attack you in Creative Mode. Poison can Kill you in it.
  • Villages and Towers may spawn together, breaking both the tower AND village. NPC's will still barter, but the tower will be partially broken, and building may be inside the tower, or partially built into it.
  • Some mobs will not drop the proper items (creepers dont drop gunpowder, zombies wont drop rotton flesh, pigs wont drop porkchops,etc.)
  • Arrows can be stolen from stores by displacing the stack into the other store slots, and individually buying them, resulting in free arrows from villages. These can then be sold back for a profit.
  • The VENDOR screen seems to work perfectly fine with the inventory system (shows all of the slots), but the chest menu still isn't large enough.
  • Squids currently don't spawn.
  • Slimeballs are unobtainable.
  • Food doesn't do anything (I assume this isn't intentional).
  • Wood/Stone/Iron Pickaxes are currently broken and will not mine their appropriate minerals, but this will be fixed in the recommended build.
  • Hitting mobs with a bow will damage them as if the bow was a sword.
  • Items in MP will not appear as they should. For example a red sword may appear as a wooden sword to another player or a hatchet looking like a bow.
  • Sometimes [in Multiplayer, unsure about Singleplayer] villagers will spawn selling/buying things for zero coins. There will be no shop name, either. This makes it incredibly easy to gain a profit from buying goods from a villager who is selling them at a price of 0, and reselling them to a villager whose store actually works.
  • Villagers retain their breeding bug from 1.2.3, making them never stop breeding and eventually crashing the game if the player stays near a village and doesn't do anything about it.
  • When leaving the mystery dimension it says leaving the end.
  • If a vendor's inventory is full, shift-clicking an item to sell it will give you the money, but does not remove the item. This can be abused for infinite money.
  • Sometimes in multiplayer, a chunk will have the name "Proxy" and will have an Area Level of -1.
    • The proxy areas and high levels near spawn occur mostly on server, after restarts, and stay there.
  • Occasionally low level areas end up being adjacent to incredibly high ones, for example level 6 next to level 800 or level 300 next to level 2800. This bug also seems to tie together with areas PERMANENTLY becoming "Proxy: -1" and high level areas near spawn.
  • When you get hit by a mob, everything that has a durability in your inventory will take damage, including tools, instead of only your armour taking damage.
  • Ocelots are called Cat, and Cats are named Ocelot. Also Snow Golems are incorrectly named Snowmen, and Mooshrooms are labeled as Cows. Cave spiders show up as Spider, too.
  • Sometimes mobs will spawn on the outside of a tower, making them fall down some way and then start attacking someone on the outside (annoying for weaker characters)
  • It is possible to blink from the inside of a tower to the other side, making you fall a considerable distance and occasionally making you die.
  • Mycelium does not show up on the minimap, so if you're in a mushroom biome all you see on the minimap is rock (dirt disappears too somehow)
  • Wolves can only hit two static amounts, not counting crits (eg wolf only hits 100s and 102s)
  • Much of the game is capped at level 40--meaning the items dropped and magical properties on them stop at level 40, dungeon loot, villager trades and everything else except for money. Money caps somewhere else, most likely around level 100. And yes, it does cap, at exactly 64 platinum.
  • You can glitch your money to become 0 0 0 0 (not you're broke), making all money picked up go to your inventory (which is useful if you can't hold any more or if you want to give away free money to noobs). This is done by obtaining exactly 63 of each type of coin and then picking up any amount of money. It doesn't have to be done in two steps, for example you can have 63 63 63 58 and get the glitch straight from there by picking up 6 copper.
  • 400 defense will negate lava damage but not fall damage.
  • Talking to baby villagers on smp crashes the game.
  • Mage teleporting to creatures or players crashes the client.

Unconfirmed Bugs (Or no error code supplied)

  • Superflat is very buggy. It lags a lot, especially after respawining, right after creating the world, or sometimes when entering a new area, and the area difficulty seems to be thrown off a lot (my spawn area was level 6, all the other areas I've found have been between 12 and 23).
    • NOTE FROM TheWhitePony I'm fairly certain Frizzle said the MOB spawn rates have stayed the same on the forums, I don't think the mod is supposed to be played in superflat anyway, it kinda takes away most of the gameplay.
  • There is an unfortunate bug involving the current defense system which causes mobs to become healed when attacked by any attack that can be absorbed by defense. (Melee or arrows, for example, will trigger this, but not poison or fall damage.) As far as an extensive testing has gone, this bug occurs with rare spawn mobs (excluding baby slimes) at levels 300 (possibly lower) and up, and any normal mob from level 400 and up. If the mob is level 1000 or higher, attacking it to make it heal will eventually "kill" the mob, whereas it actually turns into a ghost mob--it still exists and can be attacked with indirect attacks (Magic bolts, arrows, and AoE spells like whirlwind) but is invisible, does not show on the minimap, and can only be killed by attacks that are not absorbed by defense. At incredibly high levels (untested but definitely over 3k) mobs will sort of die as they spawn, turning into ghost entities immediately. This applies for any mob besides slimes, strangely.
  • When facing incredibly high level mobs--we're talking 2,000 and up--for everything besides slimes, they will sort of spawn and instantly die. However, they become a ghost entity that doesn't show up on the minimap but can still walk around and hit you (you cannot hit them back!). The originally spawned mob will leave its corpse, and when its ghost kills you there will be a correct death message (Player was shot by skeleton, for example). This IS linked to the hp healing glitch--if you attack an hp glitched monster for long enough, there is a chance that it may die but leave a corpse and become a ghost entity just like these mobs.

Known Bugs (v0.5.3)


  • Not complaining, but... Bows, at least as a Hunter, suddenly do the same melee damage as their ranged attack would, rather than your base unequipped damage.
  • When entering first entering Hack/Mine, if I do not switch to any other windows, I can use 1-9 to switch between items in my hotbar fine; this breaks as soon as I switch to any other window and requires a restart to "fix". Issue is present in both SSP and SMP.

*This is fixed by pressing ALT. Seriously. What do you mean , 'Seriously'??? That isn't an obvious fix >:o

  • When placing an unstackable item in a chest, then destroying the chest, the item will duplicate. It is due to the item being recorded as having a stack size of 0, effectively making it infinite.
  • When in a tower, you can exploit the lightning spell by looking at the room above you then casting it-- hitting everything directly above you including the floors above the one you're looking at. *Now lightning only affects targets that can be seen by the player ;) Not perfect but much better* --Frizzil (talk) 15:34, 27 June 2012 (MST)


  • Occaisonally exploding arrows leave their explosion behind, creating a kind of "force field", if you will, that pushes you away without damaging you.
  • Not all items appear in inventory when selecting items like chests. There's more bag space in the inventory that is useable than is shown in chests.
  • In some dungeons, the chests generated in some rooms are at the ceiling underneath the unbreakable blocks.
  • In game, when holding the L.Shift button for skills it seems that the game briefly switches back to the item hotbar, this can be frustrating when playing the ranger class because your Multi-shot's charge may be cut short and you end up shooting the 3 arrows less than a block in front of you.
  • "The End" refuses to load. At first you get presented the "Saving Areas" message, then the screen just goes black.
  • Sometimes, all of the spawners in a tower will be pig spawners. The ladders will be dropped on the ground as an item, and the rewards chest will be empty, and the wool on the top floor will be white. The tower may be totally dark, and may be very short. (May be caused by going towards it at high speeds - mage teleporting) (Frizzil) Confirmed
  • Any enchantmets+potion effect text is missing. For example, enchanting a gold sword will yield a succesful enchantment but with NO description text (it just says Golden Sword). (Frizzil) true of H/M in general, I may fix this with the coming patch

Um, I think this has been fixed in 0.6. All my items are showing enchantment text -- Whovian21 (talk)

  • As a ranger, you can't climb mycelium.

Experience Bugs

  • Any monsters killed by the mages lightning bolt skill drop no experience, the bolt appears to destroy items, and it also injures other players even when pvp is disabled.
  • Monster killed by "Noxious Fumes" Spell, which is obtained from various Wands, do not yield experience to the player. (This is due to poison in general not attributing exp to the caster, and is true of Nature damage dealing items as well. Will fix this once I revamp the DOT system ~Frizzil)
  • When using the mage skill, charge bolt, at close range to enemies, each bolt that hits the monster as it dies counts as a kill. This causes much more experience to be gained than normal, and many items to drop from a single mob. (Fixed with next patch ~Frizzil)

Unconfimed Bugs (Or no error code supplied)

  • While setting up a server for SMP, you enter the game with 1 HP, and die continuously before you can choose a class, and if you switch to creative mode, the game crashes. (Need error message!) this is why you need to set up a new world.
  • Sometimes, when you place or destroy a block in a tower, all or most of the blocks in the tower become invisible (Screenies and details would be helpful. Which blocks were placed/destroyed? How frequently?)
  • Upon finding an NPC Village, right clicking on the inhabitants yields the message "NPC Dialogue In Construction...". It never constructs. Unfortunately there's no actual crash, so I don't have a crash log or anything for you; this is why I posted in "Unconfirmed Bugs".

Got this one as well. Is there a fix?

Third-Party Software / Mod Compatability Bugs

  • A server was set up over hamachi, and everything worked fine for a while, but after a while, the hosts game started to be disconected whenever the host opened a chest, and the players soon discovered that obtaining items, using a crafting table, or pretty much anything to do with his inventory, would cause the hosts client to completly crash, wheras another player was able to continue playing without any oddities whatsoever. Client was playing Minecraft on the same machine the server was hosted on. (TheWhitePony) His computer probably couldn't handle the game and server at the same time. I'm willing to bet his character data has been corrupted due to running both at the same time. Unless you give an error code, there is no way to help here except by trying to delete the servers player data for his character.

Crash Screenshots

Inherited Minecraft Bugs

  • Sometimes shadowlike blocks appear near walls, but they usually disappear after a few seconds.
  • Entire areas within dungeons will appear unlit, despite having torches.
  • When a pool generates, it may open a tower wall or leave unusual blocks floating in the air
  • General monster behavior in SMP is buggy.
  • Slimes cannot get out of 1 block deep water.
  • On multiplayer, when leaving a server and rejoining it, any entities that were near the player will be unresponsive to player clicks (weapon attacks, interactions like Npc dialogues, etc). This only happens to mobs that were near the player before leaving the server. Wands/spells still work on the mobs, though. (Frizzil) This may have to do with startup lag, as your character is still being loaded into the game... could someone test this for regular Minecraft? I'll look into it. (TheWhitePony) The game will recognise you as using fists when you start playing, just switch to another item and back to fix it. Probably has something to do with every item's custom enchantments, doesn't really need a fix IMO. (Frizzil) According to the version list on minecraftwiki.com, this was actually an issue with 1.2.3. Movin' it to Inherited bugs
  • Villagers can be attacked by players. A griefer can take down a village by himself.
  • Villages are not safe areas at all, MOBS will spawn endlessly here like they do everywhere else. (including creepers and roflcondas, resulting in towns being destroyed)
  • Villagers tend to migrate all into one home. This can become incredibly annoying to a player who enters to sell items, but cannot exit because there are too many villagers to leave via the door.
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