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The Wizard.
A Level 4 Wizard riding on a Raptor.

Wizards are a hostile, ranged mob that use Wands similar to the Mage class to cast elemental magic at the player, and they also have the ability to teleport much like the Enderman mob. The Wizard uses the Zombie Pigman sound set, making it's race unclear, especially due to it's black, hooded mask.

Wizards that fire noxious fume balls can be incredibly dangerous and much stronger than their level suggests, similar to scorpions and green slimes. This is because of how poison works, being much stronger than everything else.

Wizards can very rarely be found riding on top of a raptor, much like skeletons will ride on spiders. When the wizard teleports, his raptor will teleport with him.

Its appearance is likely that of a reference to the PC game, Magicka.

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