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File:Warrior Skill-Leap
Warrior using leap skill


Your standard fighter-esque class. Specializes in slashing enemies to bits and charging into hordes of mobs. Can also function as a tank.

Warriors are yer standard melee class, see? Slashin' Nagas, chargin' at Slimes, and leapin' all over the place are all in a day's work.


Spell Image Mana Cooldown Prerequisites Level Required Description Notes
Warrior Skill - Leap.png
7 .75 None Leap small buildings with a single bound! Block height of leap is increased by .5 per skill point
Warrior Skill - Taunt.png
7 .25 None Smash the Targets's face in. Stack intelligence to improve range, dexterity to improve knockback.
Warrior Skill - Leash.png
5 .75 None Magically pulls the target in your direction.
Warrior Skill - Charge.png
7 1.5 Leash None Dash towards your foes, knocking them back on impact! Destroys some entities such as experience orbs and dropped items when used on top of them.
Warrior Skill - Whirlwind.png
8 1.5 None Perform a spin attack, damaging all enemies. Use in midair for a boost! Midair boost height increases with skill points, eventually allowing for flight after a certain point. Resets velocity but does not prevent fall damage.
Shockwave (no image) 6 .05 Whirlwind 5 Sends forth a shockwave of blocks from your feet, damaging all enemies in its path! When used rapidly, can cause blocks to drop in their raw form, enabling collection of grass blocks, ore blocks, ice, glass, etc.

Many warrior abilities are notable for their Area of Effect damage, making them very useful for clearing large groups of mobs.

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