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File:Warrior Skill-Leap
Warrior using leap skill



Your standard fighter-esque class. Specializes in slashing enemies to bits and charging into hordes of mobs. Can also function as a tank.

Warriors are yer standard melee class, see? Slashin' Nagas, chargin' at Slimes, and leapin' all over the place are all in a day's work.


Spell Image Mana Cooldown Description
Warrior Skill - Leap.png
7 .75 Causes your character to soar into the air for a good distance, causing a small bit of damage on landing. Useful for when you need to get out of a jam (Ouch, my kneecaps!)
Warrior Skill - Taunt.png
7 .25 Smash the Targets's face in. Stack Intelligence to improve range, Dexterity to improve knockback. (I WILL SMACK YOU)
Warrior Skill - Leash.png
5 .75 Pulls a monster toward you. Useful for those times the wizard doesn't feel like making it easy for you and standing still so you can run him through. (Get over here!)
Warrior Skill - Charge.png
7 1.5 Ahh, my sweet, sweet charge! Causes you to, well, charge forward. When you collide with a monster, it takes a good bit of damage and is sent flying back, as well as any of its buddies stupid enough to be nearby. Good for when you need to clear a path for your group, or just need to deal with a horde of mobs (For Narnia!) Charge is very useful for traveling long distances, too. By charging at nothing in a body of water your character can go very far. Also, to do a "supercharge", hold the spacebar down to constantly jump and while your character touches the ground, charge.
Warrior Skill - Whirlwind.png
7 .75

Great for yer close-quarter adventures! Turn yerself around doing damage to mobs next to you!

There are a few abilities which are viable to spec into because they all provide aoe damage and this is needed for clearing towers and dungeons alike.

The most obvious one would be whirlwind as it hits 360 and damage increases the more points you put into it. You can also use it as a jump boost ad it launches you high into the air when you use it while in the air. It can be used for nifty things and below are ways it can be used as a utility move. - Using it after you Leap for greater height and distance. - Jumping normally then using it to make sure you dont take additional damage while it's on cooldown. - Using it when you're falling down from a very high height as you will negate the fall and jump up again, avoiding fall damage.

Another ability that might be interesting to use is shockwave it allowed you to hit things at a range which can let you get away with less fortitude.

A third ability that might be viable would be charge as it deals aoe damage to the mobs in front of you and let's you rush to mobs that keep a distance like skeletons. However, charge will destroy items on the ground if you charge directly into them making charge more difficult to use as you need to get your positioning right.

Ways to Build

The below ways to build are the most effective ways to build a warrior and will scale extremely well into the late game:

The Basis of the below builds is that Intelligence and Dexterity are much better stats to invest in, either because they give you a plethora of other stats (Dexterity, which gives attack speed, crit chance, damage and defense) or because the damage scaling is ridiculous (Intelligence, each point gives a 0.5 damage increase to each elemental damage so a wand enchanted with 2 other types of elemental damage would give an increase of 1.5 damage per point, making Intelligence scaling the most damage efficient in comparison to the other stats)

  • Bowarrior - Basically you focus on bows and use whirlwind/charge/shockwave as your main damage source. Because your abilities can scale off bow damage, this is viable. Also, bows scale off dexterity which is a much better stat than strength as dexterity gives damage, crit chance, attack speed and defense, making this way of playing a lot more effective than strength stacking warriors
  • Elemental warrior - This is an interesting way of playing and it basically works off getting a wand, especially those enchanted with more different types of elemental damage. Because intelligence is a more damage efficient stat as intelligence adds to all your elemental damages, this could potentially be a new viable way of playing warrior. Also the cool thing about playing this way is that once you find a good elemental wand with 3 or 4 different types of elemental damage, you should be set for the rest of the game until you find a wand that yield higher overall damage. This build takes a while to get going though and you should aim to find a wand in your first few levels. However due to intelligence's superior scaling your damage will soon be a lot higher than bowarriors and continue to sky rocket at an exponential rate. Also, your damage output might become as high as mages.
  • Tanky warrior: This is just a concept and hasn't been tested yet. The idea is to stack fortitude to get a lot of health. The reason behind this is because health regeneration is based off maximum health and I thought it would be interesting to have someone regenerate so quickly that enemy damage towards them would be negligible. The thing is that fortitude gives warriors a lot of health when compared to other classes, which makes this more viable. Also, you no longer have to stack offensive stats to increase damage thanks to the ability tree so this might just work.

More to come!


Depending on whether you're going Bowarrior or Elemental Warrior, you should stack either Dexterity or Intelligence for reasons cited above. Never put points into strength. I'll be damned if there ever was a more useless stat than strength. As proven above, Dexterity and Intelligence are much better stats. Also, feel free to put a few points into Wisdom as it seriously sucks to be swarmed and then realise you don't have the mana to whirlwind or even Leap away to safety. You should actually aim to get gear with good fortitude or put some points into fortitude later in the game, as it will help you during late game, when defense's value falls off.

  • For an elemental warrior your stat priority for gear should be: Intelligence>wisdom>fortitude>dexterity>strength
  • For a bowarrior:


  • For a tanky warrior:

Fortitude>wisdom>whatever stat the weapon you're using scales off.

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