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a tower


Towers are found throughout the world. Similar to dungeons, there are different rooms with 1-3 mob spawners. The entrance to a tower is a 1x2 block hole located on the bottom floor of the tower. Occasionally, a tower generated on uneven terrain may have have the entry hole high off the ground, or more rarely, underground. Each tower has a number of floors and the top room always has a treasure chest and a SpellScript block to teleport the player back to the entrance. Towers consist of two colors of dungeon brick, the outer of which is unbreakable. Unlike the dungeons, the level of mobs in a tower does not differ from the level of the area the tower is in. As of patch 0.5, "Super" towers may uncommonly spawn, which feature significantly more floors, 2-3 mob spawners per room as opposed to the standard 1-2, and better treasure in the topmost room.

The Rooms

Each floor of the tower consist of a randomized room, with a number of mob spawners and a different layout. These can include lava/water blocks on the floors, pillars, and even soul sand.

generic room
chest room
File:2012-05-01 20.49.46.png
this is a tower with a chunk of dirt in it the black hole is the door.
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