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Comparison between the Steve and a 3 Block high pole. The Steve is just under 2 blocks, while the elf is exactly two blocks, the dwarf is shorter than the Steve, and the halfling is 1.3 blocks
The Steves are a proud, nomadic race, having been the first to settle the dangerous lands of Minecraftia thousands of years ago. Steves are among the most socially advanced races, and as such are the most prevalent race existing in communities. They are an amicable bunch, capable of great acts of kindness, yet easily manipulated for the benefit of others.

Steves are probably the most versatile race in the game, thanks to their fairly balanced starting stats. Using Steve as your race for warriors is a good choice whether you're running intelligence or dexterity as the high amount of fortitude at the start should help you survive the early game.

Steve Starter Stats
Strength 11
Agility Unused
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 9
Fortitude 11
Total 50
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