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Spellbook with stats highlighted


One of many features Hack/Mine introduces to Minecraft is a stat system. It currently includes Strength, Agility (now defunct), Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Fortitude. While the mechanics are mostly in place, the balance still has a long way to go (That's what alphas are for!)

Leveling and Experience

Each player begins at level 1. By killing monsters, players gain experience, which in turn increases their level. The experience required to level up increases with each level (and was more than quadrupled with patch 0.5.) Currently there is no level limit in place.

All experience given by a defeated enemy is based on whoever dealt the killing blow. No experience is awarded when the mob dies from non-player damage sources, such as lava or fall damage.

Players do not lose experience, levels, or items on death, though they will take a 10% durability penalty to all items in singleplayer.

With each level up, the player gains 5 points to use to increase their stats, and 1 skill point to use in their skill tree. If points are not spent between level ups they stack up for later distribution.

Stat Mechanics


Strength increases melee damage by .5 per point. It also increases miscellaneous item speed, and may be updated in the future to extend to things like mining speed.


Agility is currently not implemented in the game. It may be added in a future update, possibly gaining some of the numerous bonuses from Dexterity.


Dexterity increases ranged damage by .5 per point, defense by .2 per point, attack speed by .02 per point, and crit chance. Crit chance increases with diminishing returns and is capped at 30%. Note that damage reduction per defense point is decreased as the player level increases, meaning a higher player level with identical defense points as a lower level actually receives less of the effect. Because of the numerous bonuses Dexterity offers, the possibility remains that some will be moved to Agility upon its release.


Intelligence increases magic damage by .5 per point and general spell ability. At the moment, the only things that constitute "magic damage" are the Wand's projectiles and the bonus elemental damage on weapons. The Mage's spells also increase damage with intelligence, but at a differing rate. Because intelligence increases the damage of weapons and their magic damage attributes independently, its damage increase per point can be several times that of other skills when used with a weapon with 1 or more magic types, making the skill very valuable.


Wisdom increases total mana by 10 per point. Note that the rate of mana regeneration is a fixed percentage of total mana.


Fortitude increases total health by 12 per point for the Warrior, 7 per point for the Mage, and 10 per point for the Ranger. Note that the rate of health regeneration is a fixed percentage of total health, 3% of the Max HP rounded down at the decimal. As discussed above in the dexterity section, because of the nerf to defense, fortitude might become a bigger priority. Also due to the introduction of the ability tree, abilities will now scale up in damage with ability points and stat points can be put into fortitude instead.

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