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The Spellscript IDE (i.e. Interactive Development Environment) is a code editor for Spellscript introduced in H/M version 0.6.4. It features syntax-highlighting, undo/redo functionality, and an increasing number of keyboard shortcuts to make script creation much easier than it would be in a normal text editor.

When an object in Minecraft is capable of being scripted via the Spellscript IDE, we refer to that object as a scriptable. As of this writing, scriptables include Spellscript blocks, console scripts, and schedulable scripts.

Important Commands

Key Binding Description
esc Compiles the script, then exits the screen on success (otherwise the resulting error message is displayed to the user.)
ctrl+enter Compiles the script and displays the result to the user.
ctrl+/ Pulls up the Info Screen, which contains information specific to the current scriptable. This includes which variables are in scope, what type of return value is expected (if any), and an explanation of the scriptable, its variables, etc.
ctrl+m Pulls up the Methods Screen, which contains all of the methods available in the current environment.
ctrl+g Pulls up the Globals Screen, which contains a list of the global variables available in the current environment.

Other Commands

Key Binding Description
ctrl+z Undoes the last action.
ctrl+shift+z Redoes the last action.
ctrl+y Redoes the last action.
ctrl+c Copies the current selection to the system clipboard.
ctrl+v Pastes from the system clipboard.
ctrl+x Copies the current selection to the system clipboard and deletes it.
ctrl+a Selects all text in the editor.
shift+tab Unindent the current line
ctrl++ Zoom in
ctrl+- Zoom out
ctrl+<dir> Move the beginning/end of the current line, or top/bottom of the script.
shift+<dir> Expand the current selection in the specified direction.


The color scheme for syntax highlighting is specified in .minecraft/syntaxHighlight.txt. Each color is in hex format with optional alpha at the beginning (so either RRGGBB or AARRGGBB).

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