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The following is a list of known Spellscript bugs, according to version. Please add bugs to the list as you find them, and try to make entries informative and brief. Details such as the error message, a script triggering the error, and even images are invaluable to solving the issue. Finally, set "Dev Status" to "Open" when first creating the entry (the devs will change its value as they address the issue).

If anything is subject to debate, please use the Discussion Page to sort it out rather than edit warring. (You can reflect contentions in the bug's description.)



Status Meaning
Open Devs have yet to address the issue.
Unconfirmed Devs need more details to address the issue.
In-Progress Devs are working on it.
Pending Something nasty is preventing a fix by the next update.
Fixed Devs have fixed the issue, and the fix will be out in the next update.

Catchy Title Status Single/Multiplayer Description, Error Message(s)
Wonky text removal Fixed Both Occasionally, removal of text in the Spellscript IDE would remove the wrong section of text-- undoing the action wouldn't fix the error.
Function lookup on parametrized type of a parametrized type Fixed Both E.g., calling 'add' on a List<?> retrieved from a Map<?, List<?>> would fail.
Boxed Binary Operations Fixed Both Binary operations and compound assignment operations on boxed types would either fail to compile or produce strange behavior.
Function lookup on supertype of boxed primitive Fixed Both Function lookup failed when a passed primitive could be boxed to a subtype of its parameter's type.

Many, many bugs pertaining to generics and auto-boxing.

Catchy Title Status Single/Multiplayer Description, Error Message(s)
One-Liner Statement Weirdness Fixed Both If-else chains and such tend not to parse correctly when their suites are one-liners.
Unpropagated Nested Return Type-Inference Fixed Both Sometimes failed to infer return type when some return statements are nested within other statements (such as control constructs).
Erroneous Multi Type-Inference for Classes Fixed Both Type inferred from multiple types (such as within a list declaration) is erroneously copied from one of the classes inferred from, rather than generated anew. Oopsies.

Catchy Title Status Single/Multiplayer Description, Error Message(s)
SERVER Network Propagation Fixed SMP Serialization error when the SERVER global variable is transmitted over the network in any fashion-- results in scripts only being executed on the server side, rather than both client and server. This results in strange behavior.

Catchy Title Status Single/Multiplayer Description, Error Message(s)
Many-Type Inference w/ Classes Fixed Both Type inference of multiple expressions causes a StackOverflow error if they evaluate to class-types (list instantiations, return type inference, etc)
Multifield Declaration Issues Fixed Both Multifield declarations in class declarations cause a myriad of issues involving stackframe sizes-- don't use them!
Non-Parameterless Constructors Fixed Both Constructors accepting more than the "self" parameter incorrectly resolve the parameter types, causing an invalid error.
"server" is None Fixed SMP "server" is None in Schedulable Scripts.
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