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Ranger using climb ability (Which is passive)


The bow-wielding Class in Hack/Mine. Specializes in shooting things from a distance with arrows. Rangers are unique in that they have a passive ability to climb on natural blocks (such as dirt and stone) as if they were ladders.


Mana Cooldown Level Required Prerequisites Description Notes
Leap 7 .75 None Leap small buildings with a single bound! (Note: The Ranger can also climb non-manmade blocks.)
Multishot N/A 1 None Fire multiple arrows at once!
Torchificate N/A .25 None Fire an arrow that places a torch on impact (consumes one torch.)
Wind Trap 20 .25 3 Place a trap on the ground that blasts away nearby enemies once triggered. Great for kiting!
Lightning Shot 15 5 7 Turn your opponents into stir-fry.
Haste N/A 60 10 Cut a tenth of your life for a quick burst of speed! Movement speed bonus increases with Dexterity.
Exploding shot 15 5 10 Fire an arrow that explodes on impact!
Ladder Shot .25 5 Torchificate Fire an arrow that unravels a ladder on impact (consumes one ladder per ladder placed.)
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