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Magical items are enhanced versions of weapons and armor that are frequently encountered from mob drops, treasure chests and villager traders. Magical items can roll anywhere from 1-4 of a vast number of properties, with the strength of these bonuses scaling according to level. There are also unique items, hand-made by The Developers, which offer interesting and sometimes otherwise unobtainable bonuses, with special names and flavor texts.

Magical Items

Standard Magical Items have 1-2 randomly rolled properties. These range from +1 damage to +8 to all stats, and can even include properties that negatively affect the player. A list of available properties is available below. Each property has one prefix and one suffix associated with it, and the name of the item is randomly picked from the available options, with the original name of the item remaining in the middle.

Prefix Suffix Effect
Scrappy of Benching 1 Strength
Mighty of Might 2 Strength
Burly of Intense Saiyan Training 3 Strength
Sailor's of Pummeling 4 Strength
Manly of Face-Beating 5 Strength
Cleft-Chinned of Spinach 6 Strength
Bearded of Wrastling 7 Strength
Roid Ragin' of the Shoryuken 8 Strength
Barrel-Chested of Giants 9 Strength
Hylian of the Kayoken x20 10 Strength
Hulking of the TATSUMAKI SENPUU KYAKU!! 11 Strength
A Man's Man's of FALCOOON PAUNCH! 12 Strength
Stretchy of Prancing 1 Dexterity
Theif's of the Plie 2 Dexterity
Nimble that'd Slit its Own Mother's Throat 3 Dexterity
Squirrely of the Bushy Tail 4 Dexterity
Bandit's of the Mantis 5 Dexterity
Harlequin of the Shadows 6 Dexterity
Agile of Stealth 7 Dexterity
Lithe of Dodging 8 Dexterity
Bandito's of the Monkey 9 Dexterity
Pikachu-Skin of the Mongoose 10 Dexterity
Aerodynamic of the Black Mamba 11 Dexterity
Assassin's of the Ninja 12 Dexterity
Keen of Brains 1 Intelligence
Apprentice's of Insight 2 Intelligence
Test-Taking of the Li'l Einsteins 3 Intelligence
Algebraic of the Trickster 4 Intelligence
Sorcerer's of Critical Thinking Skills 5 Intelligence
Astute of the Integral 6 Intelligence
Cynic's of the Dolphin 7 Intelligence
Philosopher's that Subscribes to the New Yorker 8 Intelligence
Unopened Collector's of Ritalin: the Gateway Drug 9 Intelligence
Platonic of the Double Integral 10 Intelligence
Archmage's of Quantum Neutrino Fields 11 Intelligence
Grand Wizard's of the Divine Eigenvector 12 Intelligence
Wrinkly of Learning 1 Wisdom
Well-Read of Grammar 2 Wisdom
Studious of Know-How 3 Wisdom
Scholarly of Knowledge 4 Wisdom
Well-Informed of Age 5 Wisdom
Blue from like a Hundred Years Ago 6 Wisdom
Erudite of the Owl 7 Wisdom
Ancient of the Spindly Beard 8 Wisdom
Ancestral of Yore 9 Wisdom
Sage's of Forgotten Lore 10 Wisdom
Solomon's of the Horadrim 11 Wisdom
Omnipotent of Staying a While and Listening 12 Wisdom
Healthy of Health 1 Fortitude
Robust of Broccoli 2 Fortitude
Brimming of Anti-Oxidants 3 Fortitude
Hossly of Vigor 4 Fortitude
Well-Adjusted of the Salad 5 Fortitude
Red of Gratuitous Meat 6 Fortitude
Trollish of Mortality 7 Fortitude
Intrepid of the Hippo 8 Fortitude
Meat-Lover's of the Juggernaut 9 Fortitude
Vigorous of the Five-Dozen Eggs 10 Fortitude
Champion's of the Collosus 11 Fortitude
Immortal of Eternal Life 12 Fortitude
Brilliant of the Fairie 1 Strength

1 Dexterity

1 Intelligence

1 Wisdom

1 Fortitude

Spectral of the Katamari 2 Strength

2 Dexterity

2 Intelligence

2 Wisdom

2 Fortitude

Rainbow of the Rainbow 2 Strength

2 Dexterity

2 Intelligence

2 Wisdom

2 Fortitude

Mox of the Kaleidoscope 3 Strength

3 Dexterity

3 Intelligence

3 Wisdom

3 Fortitude

Radiant of the Narwhal 3 Strength

3 Dexterity

3 Intelligence

3 Wisdom

3 Fortitude

Prismatic of the Unicorn 4 Strength

4 Dexterity

4 Intelligence

4 Wisdom

4 Fortitude

Sexy of the Nyan Cat 4 Strength

4 Dexterity

4 Intelligence

4 Wisdom

4 Fortitude

1337 of the Double Rainbow 5 Strength

5 Dexterity

5 Intelligence

5 Wisdom

5 Fortitude

Bacon-Wrapped of the Black Lotus 5 Strength

5 Dexterity

5 Intelligence

5 Wisdom

5 Fortitude

Hilariously Overpowered of Flawed Game Mechanics 6 Strength

6 Dexterity

6 Intelligence

6 Wisdom

6 Fortitude

Joseph's Amazing Technicolor of the Dodecacorn 7 Strength

7 Dexterity

7 Intelligence

7 Wisdom

7 Fortitude

Notch's of the Many Faces of Notch 8 Strength

8 Dexterity

8 Intelligence

8 Wisdom

8 Fortitude

Mysterious of Hidden Power None
Horribly, Horribly Cursed of Some Kinda Egyptian Curse or Sumpthin'

-5 Strength

-5 Dexterity

-5 Intelligence

-5 Wisdom

-5 Fortitude

-25% Movement Speed

-25% Attack Speed

Prissy of the Poodle

-2 Strength

Itsy Bitsy of Affliction

-4 Strength

Shrunken of Chafing

-2 Dexterity

Sticky of Uncontrollable Dancing!

-4 Dexterity

Funny Lookin' of the Garden Weasel

-2 Intelligence

Lame of Street Smarts

-4 Intelligence

Sentient but Ironically Dimwitted of Lead Paint

-6 Intelligence

Stupid of Poor SAT Scores

-8 Intelligence

Asinine of the Stoopa' Heyed

-10 Intelligence

Tipsy of Poor Reasoning Ability

-2 Wisdom

Liberal Arts of Peer Pressure

-4 Wisdom

Excessively Dropped of Booze

-6 Wisdom

Ill-Gotten of Amnesia

-8 Wisdom

Radioactive of Poor Eating Habits

-2 Fortitude

Wretched of Smoking

-4 Fortitude

Stanky-Ass of Cheez Whiz

-6 Fortitude

Unsleeping of Addiction

-8 Fortitude

Armor, Melee and Bows
Prefix Suffix Effect
Fine of Craftsmanship 10% Durability
Well-Made of Craftsmanship 15% Durability
Durable of Quality 20% Durability
Trusty of Long-Lasting Flavor 25% Durability
Almost Superior _, Now with 50% MORE Durability! 47% Durability
Superior of Longevity 50% Durability
Cromulent of Anti-Rust 60% Durability
Dependable of Strange Craft 70% Durability
Infallible of the Twinkie 80% Durability
Everlasting of the Ages 90% Durability
Indestructable of Eternity 100% Durability
Master Crafted that through Thick and Thin, Will Always be your Friend 125% Durability
Mass-Produced (Made in the USA)

-10% Durability

Refurbished of Breaking

-25% Durability

Half a of Duct Tape

-50% Durability

Poor Man's of Drunken Craftsmanship

-75% Durability

One-Shot that Upon Further Inspection is Actually Made of Glass

-99.999% Durability

Prefix Suffix Effect
Turtle Shell of the Turtle 50% Durability

150% Defense

-10% Run/Walk Speed

Tough of Safety 10% Defense
Stout of Stability 15% Defense
Sturdy of the Armadillo 20% Defense
Reinforced of Ardor 30% Defense
Bolstered of Protection 40% Defense
Constant of Warding 50% Defense
Steadfast of Assurance 60% Defense
Valiant of Perseverance 70% Defense
Impenetrable of Refuge 80% Defense
Unfailing of Victory 90% Defense
Hell-Forged of the Champion 100% Defense
Shuckle-Shell of the Protector 110% Defense
Protector's of Invulnerability 125% Defense

Armor and Jewelry
Prefix Suffix Effect
Diving of the Otter 20% Air Supply
Saline of the Crocodile 40% Air Supply
Snorkeling of the Manatee 60% Air Supply
Scuba of Compressed Air 80% Air Supply
Amphibeous of Coral 100% Air Supply
Aqueous of the Feesh 120% Air Supply
Seashell of the Squid 140% Air Supply
Tidal of Brine 160% Air Supply
Oceanic of Bubbles 180% Air Supply
Neptunian of Underwater Subsistence Farming 200% Air Supply
Adventurer's of Haste 5% Run/Walk Speed
Streamlined of Alacrity 10% Run/Walk Speed
Unchafing of the Traveler 15% Run/Walk Speed
Utility of Noms 10% Miscellaneous Item Speed
Useful of Stuff 15% Miscellaneous Item Speed
Eatin' of Hunger 20% Miscellaneous Item Speed
Efficient of Consumption 25% Miscellaneous Item Speed
Gluttonous of the Snake 30% Miscellaneous Item Speed
Starving of High-Impact Face Stuffing 40% Miscellaneous Item Speed
Sooty of Ash 5% Fire Resist
Flame-Retardant of Soot 10% Fire Resist
Unburning of Aerosol 15% Fire Resist
Scarlet of Scarlet 20% Fire Resist
Sandy of Sand 25% Fire Resist
Crimson of Extinguishing 30% Fire Resist
Sanguine of Nitrogen 35% Fire Resist
Deoxidized of Fluorine 40% Fire Resist
Incombustible of Poor Kindling Materials 45% Fire Resist
Unmelting of Asbestos 50% Fire Resist
Smokey the Bear's of Hydrogen 55% Fire Resist
Coolant-Injecting _, Hydrogen Pumps Included 55% Fire Resist
Eskimo's of Warmth 5% Ice Resist
Fuzzy of Defrost 10% Ice Resist
Pale of the Walrus 15% Ice Resist
Nordic of Insulation 20% Ice Resist
Husky of the Polar Bear 25% Ice Resist
Insulated of the Yeti 30% Ice Resist
Unfreezing of Anti-Freeze 35% Ice Resist
Extremely Fuzzy of the Thermos 40% Ice Resist
Air Conditioned of Defrostination 45% Ice Resist
Vacuum-Sealed of the Whale 50% Ice Resist
Grandma's Custom-Knit of the WHHHAAAAAAaaaale 55% Ice Resist
Lucky of Margins 5% Extra Gold from Monsters
Greedy of Excess 10% Extra Gold from Monsters
Profitable of Profit 15% Extra Gold from Monsters
Fortuitous of Providence 20% Extra Gold from Monsters
Generous of Dough 25% Extra Gold from Monsters
Charitable of Avarice 30% Extra Gold from Monsters
Copious of Cupidity 40% Extra Gold from Monsters
Inflationary of Monetary Stimulus 50% Extra Gold from Monsters
Bounteous of Plenty 60% Extra Gold from Monsters
Abundant of Riches 70% Extra Gold from Monsters
Rapacious of Wealth 80% Extra Gold from Monsters
Quantitatively Easy of Inflation 100% Extra Gold from Monsters
Inflammable of Kerosene

-50% Fire Resist

Overly Body-Sprayed of Body-Spray

-100% Fire Resist

Gasoline Soaked of the Extremely Low Ignition Point

-200% Fire Resist

Unmoving of Lag

-10% Movement Speed

Severely Nerfed of Patience

-25% Movement Speed

Unwavering of the Snail

-99% Movement Speed

Snug of Asthma

-10% Air Supply

Kid's Size of Lung Cancer

-30% Air Supply

Water Allergic of Challenge

-100000% Air Supply

Lazy of Arthritis

-15% Miscellaneous Item Speed

Lethargic of Exhaustion

-50% Miscellaneous Item Speed

Flavor-Savoring of the Sloth

-99% Miscellaneous Item Speed

Prefix Suffix Effect
Scout's of Slightly More Damage 1 Damage
Squire's of Boldness 2 Damage
Warrior's of Courage 3 Damage
Knight's of Bravery 4 Damage
Lieutenant's of Virtue 5 Damage
Captain's of Fearlessness 6 Damage
General's of Valor 7 Damage
Warlord's of Justice 8 Damage
King's of Determination 9 Damage
Angel's of Truth 10 Damage
Archangel's of Destiny 11 Damage
Hero's of Legend 12 Damage
Pointy of Whacking 10% Damage
Sharpened of Spanking 15% Damage
Fancy of Slaying 20% Damage
Painful of Squashing 25% Damage
Ardent of Maiming 30% Damage
Embiggened of Disembowelment 35% Damage
Bloody of Mangling 40% Damage
Menacing of Vanquishing 45% Damage
Brutal of Exploding Gore 50% Damage
Monstrous of Massacre 60% Damage
Badass of Infanticide 70% Damage
Legendary that'll Kill You Twenty Times Before You Hit the Ground 100% Damage
Improved of the Lamest Bonus in the Game 1 Minimum Damage
Balanced of Balance 2 Minimum Damage
Precise of Precision 3 Minimum Damage
Efficient of Worth 4 Minimum Damage
Reliable of Consistency 5 Minimum Damage
Consistent of Certainty 6 Minimum Damage
Well-Designed of Results 7 Minimum Damage
Thoroughly Engineered of Solid Engineering 8 Minimum Damage
Gnomish of Gnomish Design 9 Minimum Damage
Forecasted of the Analyst 10 Minimum Damage
Statistically Modeled of Bonified Metrics 11 Minimum Damage
Finite of the Surgeon 12 Minimum Damage
Unpredictable of the Hissy Fit 1 Maximum Damage
Crazy of the Temper Tantrum 2 Maximum Damage
Sassy of Anger 3 Maximum Damage
Spunky of Power 4 Maximum Damage
Capricious of Rage 5 Maximum Damage
Wild of Ire 6 Maximum Damage
Reckless of Goblin Craftsmanship 7 Maximum Damage
Dangerous of Beserking 8 Maximum Damage
Orcish of Wrath 9 Maximum Damage
Turbulent of Destruction 10 Maximum Damage
Chaotic of Obliteration 11 Maximum Damage
Cheesed Off of Anihillation 12 Maximum Damage
Sweaty of Toasting 1-1 Fire Damage
Freshly Baked of Thawing 2-3 Fire Damage
Sooty of Ash 2-4 Fire Damage
Crackling of Ember 3-5 Fire Damage
Burning of Frying 4-6 Fire Damage
Scorching of Flame 5-8 Fire Damage
Sulfurous of Lava 5-9 Fire Damage
Igneous of Incineration 6-10 Fire Damage
Blazing of the Sun 7-11 Fire Damage
Volcanic of the Hot Pocket 8-13 Fire Damage
Netherack of Burnination 8-14 Fire Damage
Erupting of the Foil Flareon 9-15 Fire Damage
Tingly of Static 0-2 Lightning Damage
Clingy of Sparks 0-4 Lightning Damage
Charged of Tazing 0-6 Lightning Damage
Kilowat of Shock 0-8 Lightning Damage
Electrified of the Skies 0-10 Lightning Damage
Battery-Powered of the Toaster Oven 0-12 Lightning Damage
Booming of Thunder 0-14 Lightning Damage
Super Ionized of Zapping 0-16 Lightning Damage
Tesla's of 110% Cotton 0-18 Lightning Damage
Blinding of Defibulation 0-20 Lightning Damage
Thunderous of Storms 0-22 Lightning Damage
Zeus's of a Thousand Pikachu Souls 0-24 Lightning Damage
Chilly of Condensation 1-1 Ice Damage
Cold of the Snowflake 2-3 Ice Damage
Icy of Frost 2-4 Ice Damage
Snow-Laden of the Snowcone 3-5 Ice Damage
Bitter of Snow 4-6 Ice Damage
Frozen of Freezing 5-8 Ice Damage
Wintery of Hail 5-9 Ice Damage
Refridgerated of the Polar Bear 6-10 Ice Damage
Glacial of the Space-Yeti 7-11 Ice Damage
Frosty's of Absolute Zero 8-13 Ice Damage
Arctic of Nuclear Winter 8-14 Ice Damage
Santa's Li'l of the Abyss 9-15 Ice Damage
Dirty of Dust 1-2 Earth Damage
Sodden of Gravel 1-3 Earth Damage
Earthen of Soil 2-5 Earth Damage
Sandy of Rock 2-6 Earth Damage
Heavy of Boulders 3-8 Earth Damage
Solid of Immense Weight 3-9 Earth Damage
Sedimentary of Valleys 4-11 Earth Damage
Unyielding of Seismic Force 4-12 Earth Damage
Quaking of Tremendous Power 5-14 Earth Damage
Tectonic of Mountains 5-15 Earth Damage
Continental of Unstoppable Mass 6-17 Earth Damage
Planetary of the Planets 6-18 Earth Damage
Rash-Inducing of Itchiness 2-3 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Mossy of the Potato 3-5 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Pollen-Covered of the Wild 5-8 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Floral of the Forest 6-10 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Fungal of the Wasp 8-13 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Leafy of Cute Little Forest Critters 9-15 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Thorny of the Spider 11-18 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Poisonous of Overgrowth 12-20 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Toxic of Deadly Neurotoxins 14-23 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Rafflesian of the Canopy 15-25 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Al Gore's of Nature's Revenge 17-28 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Captain Planet's of the Sacred Bean 18-30 Nature Damage Over 6 Seconds
Tender-Loving of Light 1-1 Holy Damage
Holy of Smiting 2-3 Holy Damage
Episcopalian of Faith 2-4 Holy Damage
Blessed of Conviction 3-5 Holy Damage
Divine of the Praying Mantis 4-6 Holy Damage
Righteous of Ol' Time Gospel Power 5-8 Holy Damage
Sacred of Retribution 5-9 Holy Damage
Consecrated of Vindication 6-10 Holy Damage
Angelic of the Minor Prophet Obadiah 7-11 Holy Damage
Incorruptible of Absolution 8-13 Holy Damage
Mother Teresa's of the Flying Nun 8-14 Holy Damage
Jesus's Very Own of Righteous Fury 9-15 Holy Damage
Foul of Taint 1-1 Unholy Damage
Shift-Eyed of the Occult 2-3 Unholy Damage
Bewitched of Rap Music 2-4 Unholy Damage
Unholy of the Unholy Turnip 3-5 Unholy Damage
Cruel of Maniacle Laughter 4-6 Unholy Damage
Black of Corruption 5-8 Unholy Damage
Nefarious of Hatred 5-9 Unholy Damage
Sinister of Pure Evil 6-10 Unholy Damage
Demonic of the Damned 7-11 Unholy Damage
Racist of the Creeper 8-13 Unholy Damage
Disney Villain's of Israphel 8-14 Unholy Damage
Richard Nixon's of Cursed Frogurt 9-15 Unholy Damage
Lobbyist's of Scientology 10-16 Unholy Damage
Dark of the Bat 2% Life Stolen per Hit
Vampiric of Bloodthirst 5% Life Stolen per Hit
Lawyer's of Nightmares 7% Life Stolen per Hit
Politician's of the High Maintenance Girlfriend 10% Life Stolen per Hit
Shady of Trickery 5% Mana Stolen per Hit
Entropic of Entropy 10% Mana Stolen per Hit
Soul Suckin' of SOULS... 15% Mana Stolen per Hit
Lightweight of Quickness 5% Attack Speed
Lubricated of Lube 10% Attack Speed
Hollowed-Out of the Viper 15% Attack Speed
Zealous of Zeal 20% Attack Speed
Furious on Crack 25% Attack Speed
Otaku of the Six Pool 30% Attack Speed
Weighted of Smashing 10% Knockback
Hefty of Slugging 20% Knockback
Spring-Loaded of Defenestration 30% Knockback
Pointy of Caving Doubles as a Wooden Pickaxe!
Spelunking of Spelunking Doubles as a Stone Pickaxe!
Chiseled of Chiseling Doubles as a Bronze Pickaxe!
Helical of Anti-Rock Doubles as an Iron Pickaxe!
Miner's of Mining Doubles as a Runic Pickaxe!
Prospector's of Prospecting Doubles as a Golden Pickaxe!
Drilling of Penetration Doubles as an Ornate Pickaxe!
Industrial of Extraction Doubles as a Mithril Pickaxe!
Quarrying _, +5 vs. Rocks Doubles as a Meteoric Pickaxe!
Pneumatic of Cavern-Making Doubles as a Diamond Pickaxe!
Shinra-Brand of World Holes Doubles as an Obsidian Pickaxe!
Armokian of Armok Doubles as a Dragon Tooth!
Scoopy of the Hamster Doubles as a Wooden Shovel!
Digging of Scooping Doubles as a Stone Shovel!
Workman's of Manual Labor Doubles as a Bronze Shovel!
Delving of Sifting Doubles as an Iron Shovel!
Scoopular of the Gopher Doubles as a Runic Shovel!
Grubbing of Unearthing Doubles as a Golden Shovel!
Laborer's of Excavation Doubles as an Ornate Shovel!
Burrower's of the Ferret Doubles as a Mithril Shovel!
Excavator's the Mole Doubles as a Meteoric Shovel!
Scoop-a-matic of Anti-Dirt Doubles as a Diamond Shovel!
Crater-Making of De-sanding Doubles as an Obsidian Shovel!
World-Devouring of Planet-Eating Doubles as a Dragon Toe!
Gardening of Weeds Doubles as a Wooden Hoe!
Harvesting of the Harvest Doubles as a Stone Hoe!
Dirt-Shoving of Wonderment Doubles as a Bronze Hoe!
Farmer's of Tilling Doubles as an Iron Hoe!
Plowing of Plowing Doubles as a Runic Hoe!
Plantation of Reaping Doubles as a Golden Hoe!
Furrowing of the Farmer's Tan Doubles as an Ornate Hoe!
Amazing of Amazement Doubles as a Mithril Hoe!
Incredible of the Boonies Doubles as a Meteoric Hoe!
Stupendous _, +7 Against Spuds Doubles as a Diamond Hoe!
Ultimate of Unexpected Power Doubles as an Obsidian Hoe!
World-Combing of Turnip Retribution Doubles as a Dragon Hoe!
Charged of Charged Bolt 10% to emit 6/8/10/12/14 Charged Bolts on Hit!
Charged of Charged Bolt 20/30/40/50% to emit 3 Charged Bolts on Hit!
Charged of Charged Bolt 10% to emit 3/4/5/6/7 Charged Bolts on Hit! (Double Damage)
Charged of Charged Bolt 10% to emit 1 Charged Bolt on Hit! (6/8/10/12/14x Damage)
Gale of Gales 10% Chance to Create a Gust of Wind on Hit! (1x Damage, 5x Radius)
Howling of Winds 10% Chance to Create a Gust of Wind on Hit! (1.5x Damage, 6x Radius)
Cyclone of the Tempest 10% Chance to Create a Gust of Wind on Hit! (2x Damage, 7x Radius)
Bansho of Annihilation 10% Chance to Create a Gust of Wind on Hit! (2.5x Damage, 8x Radius)
Gravity of Gravity 10% Chance to Create a Gravity Well on Hit! (1x Duration, .5x Damage, 10x Radius)
Gravulific of Gravity 10% Chance to Create a Gravity Well on Hit! (1.1x Duration, .6x Damage, 11x Radius)
Gravantageous of Gravity 10% Chance to Create a Gravity Well on Hit! (1.2x Duration, .7x Damage, 12x Radius)
Gravtabulastic of Gravity 10% Chance to Create a Gravity Well on Hit! (1.3x Duration, .8x Damage, 13x Radius)
Econo-_ of Rust

-10% Damage

Nerfed of Recyclable Materials

-25% Damage

Floppy that Won't Come Out of the Damn Sheath

-50% Damage

Legislative of Congress

-15% Attack Speed

Slo Mo of Immense Surface Area

-50% Attack Speed

10,000 lbs that Transcends Time Itself

-99% Attack Speed

Rare and Legendary Items

Rare Items have 3 properties and an orange name, and Legendary Items have 4 properties and a purple name. These names also have randomly generated prefixes and suffixes, however the prefixes are completely random and the suffixes are based on the type of item, not its properties. The item's original name is also dropped. Rare and Legendary items are slightly different from standard magical items in that they are slightly less common, cannot be rolled with negative effects as one of their properties, and are worth more to buy and sell from NPC traders. Besides that, they draw from the same pool of magical properties.

Apocalypse Armageddon Basilisk
Beast Blood Bone
Brimstone Brine Care-a-lot
Chaos Corpse Death
Demon Dire Doom
Dragon Dread Dream
Dusk Eagle Earth
Fel Fey Fiend
Flame Gale Ghost
Gloom Goblin Havoc
Immortal Imp Judgement
Lich Maternity Moon
Nether Raven Serpent
Soul Spirit Sun
Storm Troll Wyvern

Helmets Brow Circlet Cowl Crest Gaze Hat Hood Kabuto Mask Sombrero Stare Veil Visage Visor
Chestplates Aegis Bulwark Carapace Cloak Coat Cuirass Faulds Garbs Harness Hauberk Husk Mail Mantle Hide Plate Shroud Splint Tutu Ward
Leggings Bindings Chaps Chausses Girdle Legguards Leggings Poleyns Splints Wrappings Wraps
Boots Crushers Greaves Kicks Sabatons Slippers Spurs Stalkers Stompers Treads Zapados
Swords Bite Blade Edge Fang Impaler Nail Sever Skewer Slash Slayer Slicer Sting Thirst
Axes Cleaver Crescent Fury Mangler Reaver Rend Slayer Slicer Song Splitter Sunder Whirl
Maces Bane Blow Bludgeon Brand Breaker Crack Crusher Grinder Knell Ram Root Smasher Spank Star
Bows Fletch Flight Fury Harp Horn Kiter Pierce Scratch Song Sting Wing
Wands Baton Binder Branch Call Chant Cry Fable Gnarl Song Spank Speak Spell Stick Tale Trick Weave
Rings Band Bind Circle Coil Finger Gem Gyre Loop Seal Signet Stone Touch Whorl
Amulets Amulet Chain Charm Choker Clasp Gorget Heart Jewel Lockette Medallion Pendant Talisman

Unique Items

Unique Items are the rarest type of drop, and have pale gold names. Each Unique is a custom creation of the The Developers. Unique Items also have their textures recolored, manually created names, and sometimes a flavor text providing some lore behind the item. Some have properties unobtainable outside that particular item, for example the "Rugged Cross" being the only way to get additional fire rate and Holy damage on an amulet slot.

Rare Items are often confused for being Unique ones, thanks to their similar text colors. Below is a comparison of a Rare Item and the Unique Little Bow Peep.

A rare item versus the unique Little Bow Peep

A full list of Unique Items is available below.

All Unique Items
Name Worn Properties Flavor Text
The Debugonator Undefined (Mace)


Uh, this item is the result of an error. Seriously. Report this on the forums! Also, make sure you're not playing a world from a different version of Hack/Mine. Silly.
Spinny Hat Hat

400% Defense

Ash'rym Hat

325% Defense

95% Durability

4 Wisdom

Turtleplate Chest

250% Defense

-5% Movement Speed

Pikachu-Skin Mantle Chest

10% Movement Speed

Disclaimer: no Pikachus were eviscerated in the making of this mantle. And certainly not thousands of them.
Bastion Chest

-80% Movement Speed

400% Defense

75% Attack Speed

5% Life Stolen per Hit

5% Mana Stolen per Hit

'There's too many of 'em, Urist!' 'How many archers, Ing?' 'None, but there's ten-thous--' 'Perfect, don't wait up on me.'
Belt of Chastity Legs

150% Defense

5 Fortitude

Yer gonna need it.
Jockstrap Legs

400% Defense

4 Dexterity

300% Durability

Daimond Leggings Legs

-50% Defense

-25% Durability

Sigh... they just aren't the same.
Roflstompers Feet

25% Movement Speed

-99% Durability

Lovesocks Feet

40% Fire Resist

5% Movement Speed

Very sexy.
Fence Post Sword

75% Attack Speed

130% Durability

Cause it's aerodynamic and all. Well, if you hold it the right way...
Castraticus Bronicus Sword

5 Strength

5 Intelligence

Yes, I'm the kind of pony every pony should know...
Gahomofaug Sword

5 Strength

3 Dexterity

5 Wisdom

Farewell, my prince.
Rusty Coathanger Sword

8-13 Unholy Damage

The most versatile of weapons...
The Brony Maker Axe

3-5 Holy Damage

Rusty and bent. There are some notches carved in the side. Smells... lovely.
Triple Axe Axe

50% Damage

25% Knockback

That's 50% more axe!
The Axe of Ridiculous Lore" Axe

50% Damage

25% Knockback

There's something inscribed on the hilt... 'In the beginning times, at the second gathering of the Ancients, a pact was formed for the passing of Nar'shul to the Dwarves. The mountain was quiet with a begrudging peace, save for the pitter-patter of one peculiar little imp... The ceremony began; the Dwarf-prince Marigol proceeded towards Ferolmir, king of the Elves, his eyes fixed upon the divine Axe at his side. He knelt before the king, and boomed, \"Ferolmir! Too long have we plotted against one another. The once holy land of Nar'shul now churns with the blood of our fathers... my father... no longer is it the sea of amber I remember from my youth. Like a virgin she stood before us, but like a grown calf we slaughtered her. The time has come to put aside our differences, Ferolmir! Let your stubbornness wane to the thoughts of your children, and our children, dancing in the fields of gold! I can see them now, their hands clutched tightly together... singing with their bright-eyed, prissy little smiles, giggling with-\" \"ENOUGH!!!\" cried the Lord of the Elves. \"Marigol, it is with great shame that I hold this axe, once a symbol of our combined spirits, and now one of your father's grim fate. I present it to you now, son of Argoth, as a token of our people's kinship. It is rightfully yours-- rule your kingdom with the unbreakable will of Arg-\" \"Yoink!!\" The little imp receded into the valley below, axe in hand. \"UGHHHHHHH!!!!\" roared the Dwarf prince, the crowd in a tumult. Marigol stormed into the mountains, but was never seen again... eons passed, and the Axe all but vanished from written history...'
The Alternative Minimum Axe Axe

10% Life Stolen per Hit

10% Mana Stolen per Hit

Congress has allowed a credit to the Owner's Dexterity, the amount of which is the lesser of twice the Owner's Strength minus the Owner's prior Dexterity and the natural logarithm of two, excepting the case of Halfings and Nagas, who are considered protected groups under ICS 3.234.1 and thus ineligible for the Dexterity credit. Refer to appendix V784 (located on the opposing side of this hatchet) for precalculated Dexterity rates. Additionally, possessors of both this hatchet and non-private real property are allowed a 33582.8% credit to health, provided they filed for no greater than fifteen dependents on their last annual tax return (in accordance with the dependency rules laid out in ICS 2.43), none of which claimed themselves as being Endermen, incontinent, or young professionals who are not owners of non-private real estate dating before 1963.
El Zilcho Mace

3 Damage

1-1 Ice Damage

1-1 Fire Damage

24% Knockback

I'm afraid you're boned.
The Rock Mace

3 Damage

2-5 Earth Damage

20% Knockback

The Rock's gonna take your monkey ass down to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive and check you in to the Smackdown Hotel!
Wirt's Other Leg Mace

300% Damage

4 Strength

-3 Fortitude

20% Attack Speed

You sociopath.
The Gospel of Wealth Mace

8 Intelligence

8 Wisdom

Let's see here... Carnegie 3:16: 'No man can become rich without himself enriching others.' Hmm... Rockefeller 7:12: 'I WILL CRUSH THEM AAALLLLL WITH MY OOIIILLL!!!! MUAHAHAHAH, AAAAHAHAH...' (continued for three pages).'
Zhakrum Bow

0-6 Lightning Damage

25% Attack Speed

20% Knockback

3 Dexterity

Beauregard Bow

100% Damage

75% Durability

Little Bow Peep Bow

300% Durability

15% Life Stolen per Hit

...has lost her sheep, and now she intends to kill them.
Big Red Wand

3-5 Fire Damage

2 Intelligence

5 Wisdom

Li'l Blue Wand

0-8 Lightning Damage

5 Intelligence

2 Wisdom

Disco Stick Wand

4-6 Unholy Damage

-4 Intelligence

And you just assume that all these items are sanitized.
Stone of Gordon Ring

5 Fortitude

What? The man was fortuitous.
Hurial Ring

3 Strength

3 Dexterity

Blue Raspberry Ring Pop Ring

40% Lightning Resist

3 Wisdom

Timeless Pendant Ring

4 Intelligence

4 Wisdom

A pendant that glows with a strange light.
Rugged Cross Ring

2-4 Holy Damage

20% Attack Speed

For a teeeeeeeny little Jesus.
Ing's Bauble Ring

200% Extra Gold from Monsters

'...and this way we'll have enough money to finance an entire LEGION of mercenaries! Don't ya get it, Urist?' 'Sure I do, Ing! After all, when I'm not disemboweling my enemies, I spend time memorizing tax laws and the definitions of convoluted financial terms, just for the slim chance I could leverage them for my own personal gain! And at detriment to society as a whole!' The halfling paused (perhaps taking a moment to ignore Urist's criticism), then exhaled loudly. '...again, if we could just acquire one bank from the Elves, my brokerage firm can borrow from the other Elvish banks at Eibor rates! That's two percent less than what I'd normally get from 'em, Urist; just think of the spreads! That's two percent of a million shekels worth of bonds' interest straight into my pockets!' 'That sounds ethical.' 'Ssshhhh... you let me do the thinkin', and I'll let you do the talkin'. With your axe.' Ing caught a glimpse of incredulity through Urist's immense facial hair. ' me, you'll have your father's throne back in no time!'
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