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Mage with skills displayed


The magic-wielding Class in Hack/Mine. Specializes in spells and wands, starting with a Wand of Firebolt. Mages are powerful magic wielders. Cackling maniacally as they teleport and douse their enemies with fire and lightning is not unheard of.


Mana Cooldown Prerequisites Level Required Description Notes
Blink 10 1 None Teleport up to 16 blocks! Unreliable past 8 blocks.
Firebolt 2 .5 None Launch a ball of fire at your enemies!
Charged Bolt 3 .5 None Launch several lightning charges. Charges created increase with Intelligence. Charges created actually stacks with skill points, not intelligence, contrary to the description.
Lightning 20 2 Charged Bolt 5 Strike your enemies with the wrath of the heavens! Destroys ground items and exp orbs, sets things on fire, and is also capable of damaging the user.
Gust 7 5 3 Knock nearby opponents back a great distance.
Mage Cannon 10 1 8 Perform a minor boost towards wherever you're facing! Charge to perform increasingly larger boosts at the cost of additional mana. Charging only seems to work while holding something in the hand.
Block Leash 6 .05 None Pull a block towards your general direction.
Breath of Fire 20/s N/A Firebolt 5 BLAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH. Causes very low visibility. Hard to sustain damage, as the knockback of each projectile combined with short range causes mobs to be knocked out of damaging range continuously.
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