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Small sample of weapons and armor
A cursed item.
You may find items in a dungeon that have special names such as in picture to the right.

There are many magical properties in Hack/Mine. Each property has both a suffix and a prefix tied to it, though only one is selected when applying it to an item.


Magical Items

Magical items are the most common loot to drop in Hack/Mine, their names displayed in green. The game picks one or two magical properties, then applies them to the given item, along with their corresponding name components. Magical properties may be bonuses to stats, resistances, damage, and even curses (displayed in red).

Unique Items

Unique items are the rarest type of drop, their names having a golden hue, and are each customly created by the developers. Some Uniques feature their own texture (the "Brony Maker" being a prime example), and most have a hue unassociated with any elemental properties attached to it. Unique items are substantially better than any magical item of the same level. Some have especially odd properties, aiming to introduce an interesting mechanic for the user to experiment with.

Rare items (see above) can be and are often confused for being unique ones. Below is a comparison of a rare item and the unique Little Bow Peep.

A rare item versus the unique Little Bow Peep

Note that the rare item has a gold coloration to its name, while Little Bow Peep has a less saturated gold, almost tan color. Also, Little Bow Peep has grey flavor text below the magic powers, while rare items lack this. (Not all unique items have flavor text, but most do, so this is a good way to pick them out.)

All Unique Items


Worn Properties Flavor Text
Ash'rym Head

+325% Defense

+95% Durability

+4 Wisdom

El Zilcho Mace

+3 Damage

+24% Knockback

Adds 1-2 Fire Damage

Adds 1-2 Ice Damage

I'm afraid you're boned.



+100% damage

+75% durability

Belt of Chasity Pants

+5 Fortitude

+100% defence

Yer gonna need it.
Hurial Ring

+3 Strength

+3 Dexterity

Roflstompers Boots +25% Walk/Run speed ZOMG
Triple Axe Axe

+50% damage +25% knockback

That's 50% more axe!
Lovesocks Boots

+5% Walk/Run speed

+40% Fire Resistance

Very sexy.
Jock Strap Pants

+400% Defense

+300% Durability

+4 Fortitude

You still aren't safe from the Roflcondas...

Li'l Blue Wand

Adds 1-8 lightning damage

+5 Intelligence

+2 Wisdom

Castraticus Bronicus Sword

+5 Strength

+5 Intelligence

Yes, I'm the kind of pony every pony should know...
The Rock Mace

+3 damage

+24% knockback

Adds 1-2 fire damage

Adds 1-2 ice damage

The Rock's gonna take your monkey ass down to the corner of Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive and check you into the Smackdown hotel!
Fence Post Sword

+75% Attack Speed

+130% Durability

Cause it's aerodynamic and all. Well, if you hold it the right way...
Pikahide Chestplate +5% Run/Walk speed

It's more gruesome than you think it is.




-5% Run/Walk speed

+250% Defense

Spinny Hat Head +400% Defense Wheeeee!!!
The Brony Maker Axe Adds _-_ Holy Damage Rusty and bent. There are some notches carved in the side.
Zhakrum Bow

Adds _-_ Lightning Damage

+20% Knockback

+25% Attack Speed

+3 Dexterity

Big Red Wand

Add 4-6 Fire Damage

+2 Intelligence

+5 Wisdom

Stone of Gordon Ring +5 Fortitude What? The man was fortuitous.
The Debugonator Mace N/A Uh, this item is the result of an error. Report this on the forums! Also, make sure you're not playing a world from a different version of Hack/Mine.
Disco Stick Wand

Adds 4-7 Unholy Damage

-4 Intellegence

And you just assume that all these items are sanitized.
Blue Raspberry Ring Pop Ring

+3 Wisdom

+40% Lightning Resist

Daimond Leggings Pants

-50% Defense

-25% Durability

*Sigh*... they just aren't the same.
The Axe of Ridiculous Lore Axe

+50% Damage

+25% Knockback

There seems to be something inscribed on the hilt... 'In the beginning times, at the second gathering of the Ancients, a pact was formed for the passing of Nar'shul to the Dwarves. The mountain was quiet with a begrudging peace, save for the pitter-patter of a tiny imp, with the peculiar name, "Shmorgal." The ceremony began; the Dwarf-prince Marigol proceeded towards the throne of Ferolmir, king of the Elves, his eyes fixed upon the divine Axe. He knelt before the king, and boomed, "Ferolmir! Too long have we plotted against one another. The once holy land of Nar'shul now churns with the blood of our fathers... my father... no longer is it the sea of amber I remember from my youth. Like a virgin bride she stood before us, and like a young calf we slaughtered her. The time has come to put aside our differences, Ferolmir! Let your stubbornness wane to the thoughts of your children, and our children, dancing in the fields of gold, with their hands clutched tightly together, singing with their bright-eyed, prissy little smiles, and-" "ENOUGH!!!" cried the Lord of the Elves. "Marigol, it is with great shame that I hold this axe, once a symbol of our combined spirits, and now one of your father's grim fate. I present it to you now, son of Argoth, as a token of our people's kinship. It is rightfully yours-- rule your kingdom with the unbreakable will of Arg-" "YOINK!!" Shmorgle receded into the valley below, axe in hand. "UGHHHHHHH!!!!" roared the Dwarf prince, the crowd in an tumult. Marigol stormed into the mountains, but was never seen again... eons passed, and the Axe all but vanished from written history...'
Wirt's Other Leg


+300% Damage

+4 Strength

-3 Wisdom

+20% Attack Speed

Hey, put that down!
Little Bow Peep Bow +300% Durability ...has lost her sheep, and now she intends to kill them.
Rugged Cross Amulet +20% Attack Speed

+3-4 Holy Damage

For a teeeeeeeny little Jesus.
Gahomofaug Sword +5 strength

+3 Dexterity

+5 Wisdom

Farewell, my prince.

Loot Dropping Mechanics

At the moment, the only change in mob drops contingent on the player is a chance to drop arrows when the mob is slain by someone currently wielding a bow. Incidentally, you can beat the arrows out of a mob with your bow, though it might take you forever.

Note that this applies to using abilities as well, and that certain abilities such as a warrior's whirlwind ignore the fact that bows and wands normally deal 1 damage as melee. This results in warriors with high dexterity levels wielding a bow being able to use whirlwind and receive arrows, as well as warriors with high intelligence being able to whirlwind with a wand for extreme glass-cannon damage.

Weapon bonuses

Put the prefixes and suffixes that you find on the Magical Items page.

Don't forget to add their bonuses!

Multi-Stat Enhancement

Some properties add a certain amount of points to all five stats, but are treated as a single property. For example at max tier, this would mean +8 to all, as compared to +12 in a single category. This results in the highest possible tier at legendary level defensive items often having +20 to three stats and +8 to the other two, as one of the four stats is one of these omni-buffs.


Main Page Currency

Monsters also have a chance to drop coins which can then be traded with villagers as of v0.6. Items get better the higher the level the village is in, and costs more.

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