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Halflings are a tricksy race, both nimble and cunning. They are great thinkers and risk takers, always able to realize a profit where others could not. Despite their timid appearance, they are scorned universally, the Great War many hundreds of years ago having been waged in the name of a Halfling. Consequently, they've become disturbingly thick-skinned little buggers, continuing to inhabit cities everywhere, picking pockets, opening shop, and laughing in the face of extreme adversity as the opportunity presents itself.

Halflings are notably the smallest of all races, at a stature of only 1.3 blocks.

Halfling Starter Stats
Strength 9
Agility Unused
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Fortitude 8
Total 50


A halfling mage. If you look closely you can see the item glitch.
  • Halflings are initially the best mage class because of their starting stats.
  • The hit box for arrows and magic from wands also seems to be affected by their height.
  • Halflings are the only race that can fit in a 1.5 block area which makes them able to hide and nobody else can follow them


The items do not fit in the players hand. Said item can float above or below the characters actual hand. This effect is unseen in First Person.

They can't fit through one block high holes because they're just slightly taller (1.3 blocks)

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