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Hack/Mine has a long way to go before it ain't in "alpha" any more. This list contains the larger planned features for the mod, as officially stated by Frizzil (currently the sole dev.) Bear in mind this list is subject to change, and only reflects the developers' current plans for the foreseeable future.

Leave rumors and announced but not yet included plans on the discussion page, and Frizzil will confirm it and place it here.

  • The addition of Bosses in Dungeons and sparsely placed around the world (not be confused with the existing Rare Spawns)
  • The addition of Ubermobs as exceedingly difficult group encounters.
  • A Badge system is a strong possibility (so you can show off difficult achievements to your friends!)
  • A randomized quest system reminiscent of that in Dwarf Fortress.
  • Dual wielding and related mechanics is a very strong possibility (though it will not be done via integration with Battle Gear.)
  • An overarching plot if an immersive one can be hammered out (it's difficult given the infiniteness of Minecraftia.)
  • Better representation of the "Mine" in "Hack Slash Mine."
  • New classes, including the Bard and the Healer.
  • Fixes for the ever-so-annoying height related glitches when playing a non-Steve race.
  • Completely new dimensions, including the Mystery Dimension which is in the game but largely incomplete.
  • Tons mo' Mobs! Also, more interesting mob placement with respect the Area the mob is in, and things like roaming bandit groups.
  • Tons mo' spells, learnable as you progress through the game! Friz is largely undecided about the learning of spells, though he wants it to be something unique.
  • Addition of capes.
  • Gratuitous customization and scriptability of the majority of the mod's features, including mobs, the area system, magical items, and spells! This won't be available to the public until a "default" setting is in place and ingrained in everyone's head (this is important for multiplayer related reasons.)
  • There's a strong possibility of making characters playable on different servers-- nothing is set in stone given how prone to cheating this would be (though characters would be saved to the cloud) and with so many features planned to be customizable (though a "default" setting would mitigate much of this).
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