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Fun is a subjective thing... but as veterans of Hack/Mine, we have a pretty nice idea of how to dick around, and we don't mind giving a few pointers. All are welcome to leave their ideas below...

If You're the Devious Type

  • Kite any and all Roflcondas into your friends' bases. And then hit them with lightning.
  • Start any class then build it in the entirely wrong direction, getting the best of several worlds (BATTLE-MAGE!!!)
  • Strike as many things as possible with as much Lightning as possible. Stacking Wisdom is recommended.
  • Build your own dungeon in SMP and see if anyone can tell the difference (if the booby traps don't tip 'em off.)
  • No bosses in Hack/Mine yet? WRONG! On a crowded SMP server, fight to the top of a tower near the spawn point, leaving all blocks and mob spawners intact. DEFEND THE TREASURE WITH YOUR LIFE!!!
  • Dump water (or lava) buckets at the top of dungeon entrances once your friends have descended.
  • Wall the tower door with same-color blocks.
  • Spout totally incorrect information in the forums, then get into huge arguments over minute details (I mean it's not like you can validate anything, so have at it.)
  • Flood your friend's chests with oddly named items ("Lubricated Wand of the Poodle," "Floppy Sword of Vanquishing," etc)
  • In version 0.5, throw infinitely duplicating items at your friends.
  • On a multiplier server that has an organized spawn, herd a level 100+ back to spawn and bask in the ensuing mayhem.
  • Tell your friends that if you die, its the same as in vanilla Minecraft, you lose all your items and make them paranoid.
  • Make a home with your buddies in a dungeon, then once everyone else is in bed, pick someone and place your bed on top of their bed (with him/her in it!) This may result in a glitch where the person now underneath will "see into you," so change your skin into one that says" F U " backwards... have fun!
  • If opped tp your friends when they are about to open a chest(works more if you have Skype or team speak(because they squeal))
  • As a high level mage,change your skin to a wizard and sneak up on your friends and start flailing spells around. Best with Skype, Ventrillo, etc. as you can hear the reaction. WARNING: You are not guaranteed to survive.

If You Play Nice

  • Split your buddies into teams, build some forts, then make war...
  • Build bases out of dungeon bricks!
  • Clear out a dungeon and make it your home...
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