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One of Hack/Mine's principle goals is to assert your 1337-ness by equipping magical gear in the eternal quest to improve your stats.



There are currently eight equipment slots:
(Above) Equipment and Inventory
  • Head
  • Body
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Amulet
  • Cape (not in place yet)
  • Ring (x2)

Equipment can range from basic leather tunics to enchanted Dragonscale armor. Equipment can be crafted, but it's probably better to acquire them from dungeons, mob drops or towers, as equipment gathered through these means can have magical properties on them. Rings and Amulets are always magically enchanted. Weapons can also have magical properties, but they will only take effect while the item is being held. This is most noticeable when the item has Fortitude or Wisdom, because you will only gain the extra health/mana while holding the item.

Equipment can also be repaired by putting it in the crafting table with dirt, sand, bones, redstone, iron, gold, or diamond. Amount of durability repaired increases with item quality, beginning at 4 with dirt and sand. Cobblestone can be used but only to repair melee weapons, and leather can only repair armor.

Currently, capes are not in the game. They will be added in a later update.

For purposes of enchanting, maces are treated as tools and will recieve tool enchantments, not weapon enchantments. This is because they are a sort of hybrid between shovel, sword and axe. Wands, rings, and amulets cannot be enchanted.


In Hack/Mine, when a item's durability runs out it will not break but instead its slot will go red. This allows you to repair the item by putting it into the crafting grid with dirt (currently a place holder) and some other objects listed below. They all add different amounts, and as you tend to get a lot of redstone, this will give it a use other than circuitry.

Material Durability restored Notes
Dirt/Sand 4
Cobblestone 15 Only melee weapons
Bones 20
Leather 30 Only armor
Redstone 50
Iron Ingot 128
Gold Ingot 256
Diamond Unknown, assume item instantly goes to full



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