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Elemental Slimes are like normal Slimes, except they've been magically imbued with elemental properties. A slime with a given element is both immune to it and deals that kind of damage. For example, a red slime would be immune to fire damage.

Elemental Slimes are a simple recoloring of the Slimes that already exist in Minecraft. Unlike regular Slimes that only spawn in certain chunks, however, Elemental Slimes are "global mobs." This means that unlike normal mobs, who are selected from 3-4 different possibilities assigned to the current Area, Elemental Slimes belong to a much larger set of mobs that appear infrequently, but everywhere in the world of Minecraftia.

Slimes can appear in many different colours, including rainbow. A slime's colour determines it's magical properties.

List of Known Slimes

Color Element
Red Fire
Orange Earth
Yellow Holy
Green Nature
Teal Ice
Blue Lightning
Purple Unholy
Pink ???
Black Eventually to be physical, but randomized as a placeholder
Rainbow Cycles through all elements
Grey/Camo Changes depending on tile they are standing on
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