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Dwarves were the first intelligent race to come into existence. As such, they are not very intelligent. However they are a proud, hard-working, and stoutly bunch, always liable to get the job done. The surface dwelling dwarves have disconnected from their earth abiding ancestors long ago. Of course, they are always very good storytellers, I swear! After a little grog, even the snootiest dwarf is liable to talk a stranger's ears off.


  • Dwarves are one of the best races to start on for a warrior because of their starting stats.
  • Dwarves are slightly shorter than the standard Steve , but taller than Halflings .
  • Dwarves are the best race for starting a warrior who you want to specialize into a sort of Beserker. Steves, however, are better for warriors who want to be more balanced in stats because of their starter statistics.
Comparison between a dwarf and a tree. The trunk is 3 blocks at the top of the picture. Note how the dwarf is slightly shorter than the second tree block

Dwarf Starter Stats
Strength 12
Agility Unused
Dexterity 9
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 11
Fortitude 10
Total 50
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