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This mod adds several new block properties. The most noteable is the tower/dungeon blocks. They range in color and vary in use. The first thing you'll notice is that the housing blocks have no breaking animaton. Nothing known can destroy these blocks. However, the inside chambers/levels have differently colored blocks that behave like normal stone bricks.

The obsidan block can be mined by using a golden pickaxe. It can also be created by using the bucket trick. Portals to the nether work well and fully(SMP bugs are few and far between).

Item Name Item ID
Red Dungeon Brick (Hard) 135

Soft: 125 Stairs: 145

Orange Dungeon Brick (Hard) 136

Soft: 126 Stairs: 146

Yellow Dungeon Brick (Hard) 137

Soft: 127 Stairs: 147

Lime Green Dungeon Brick (Hard) 138

Soft: 128 Stairs: 148

Green Dungeon Brick (Hard) 139

Soft: 129 Stairs: 149

Cyan Dungeon Brick (Hard) 140

Soft: 130 Stairs: 150

Blue Dungeon Brick (Hard) 141

Soft: 131 Stairs: 151

Purple Dungeon Brick (Hard) 142

Soft: 132 Stairs: 152

White Dungeon Brick (Hard) 143

Soft: 133 Stairs: 153

Black Dungeon Brick (Hard) 144

Soft: 134 Stairs: 154

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